Year-End Appeal: Kambie’s Story

Everyone deserves to live their “best life for life!” For 35 years, Head Injury Association (HIA) has been a Bridge to Hope and Healing, leading everyone on a path towards individual success!

Philanthropy is an essential component of our work. It impacts every aspect of our mission to support people with disabilities to achieve their hopes, dreams, and goals, no matter how big or small!

To truly help you understand the impact HIA has on the lives of so many, I would like to share the story of Kambie:


Kambie is a compassionate and caring 34-year-old woman with an intellectual and developmental disability. She loves expressing her amazing personality through her hair color choices and appearance. She is highly motivated to be as independent as possible and is a hard worker. In 2011, when Kambie graduated from her residential school in upstate New York, employment and independent living were not an option but something she wanted so very much.

For the past 12 years, with support from HIA, Kambie has worked to overcome many obstacles, and today, she is working hard to realize her goals.

Kambie currently resides in one of HIA’s supervised 2-bedroom apartments and participates in HIA’s Day Program. In addition, she is a part of the organization’s Supported Employment Program and receives Community Habilitation services, continually receiving job skill training and coaching services. She is also an employee of Head Injury Association, doing clerical work in the administrative offices for a few hours a week.

Only through philanthropic support can we impact the lives of many, including Kambie, who are living with a disability or traumatic brain injury.

This holiday season, give the gift of “hope and healing” to the Head Injury Association so that we can continue to help people with disabilities live their “best life for life”!

Instead of giving cash, make a tax-smart gift! Many of our supporters give stock or an IRA gift (if they’re over 70.5) to provide a lifetime of care, all of which have benefits over donating cash.