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There are more than 270,000 people in the U.S. who experience a TBI every year. More than 50 percent of these injuries are due to automotive, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents. Approximately 20 percent are due to violence, such as firearm assaults and child abuse. Half of all injuries involve alcohol usage. Among children under 14 years of age, TBI is responsible for approximately 3,000 deaths and 37,000 hospitalizations. Most recently, our American soldiers who are returning home from Iraq present the newest challenge for serving the Traumatic Brain Injured.

The Head Injury Association offers support services to traumatic brain injury survivors and their families through clinical treatment as well as vocational, educational, cultural and recreational experiences that help survivors adapt to the daily challenges of life. In addition, the Association provides the necessary residential programs to help TBI survivors achieve four valued outcomes: Individualization, Independence, Integration and Productivity.